Post Classical Societies

Hagia Sophia, Istanbul



I.  Eastern European Classical Civilizations: Byzantium

Stearns: Chapter Nine: HOMEWORK


The Byzantine Empire

Byzantine Religion and Influence on Eastern Europe

II.  The Rise of Islam

Stearns, Chapter Six: HOMEWORK


The World of Islam ** Respectfully dedicated to my very industrious though slightly irritated student, Mr. Timmy Strickland, with apologies for making him wait more than twenty minutes after school to post these notes.

Islamic Economy and Society

III.  Tang and Song China

Stearns: Chapter : Twelve HOMEWORK

Restoration of Empire in China: The Tang and Song Dynasties

Economic Development of Tang and Song China

Islamic and Hindu Kingdoms in India

Hindu and Islamic Traditions/Influence of Indian Society in Southeast Asia

IV. Europe during the Post-Classical Era

HOMEWORK: Stearns, Chapter Ten

Europe Enters the Middle Ages

Medieval Society in Western Europe