Cross-Cultural Expansion
1000 to 1500 C.E.

Marco Polo meeting Kahn by bferster.
Marco Polo at the Court of Kublai Khan


♫♫♫ Franz von Suppé: Overture to Light Cavalry

I. The Mongol Invasions

Stearns, Chapter Fourteen HOMEWORK


Nomadic Invasion and the Integration of Eurasia

II.  African Civilizations and the Spread of Islam:

Stearns: Chapter Eight HOMEWORK


Sub-Saharan Africa Post Classical States and Societies

III. Western Europe in the High Middle Ages

Part One - Political Unification

Part Two - Economic Growth and Social Development

Part Three: Christianity and the Expansion of Europe

The Canterbury Tales in Modern English

IV. The Americas and Oceania

Stearns: Chapter Nineteen HOMEWORK


States and Societies of Mesoamerica and North America

States, Empires and Societies of South America and Oceania

V. Cross Cultural Interactions


Cultural Interaction between East and West

Crisis, Recovery, Exploration and Colonization